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Support from KWTG

The KWTG is a network and has the aim to promote knowledge development and sharingTo achieve this KWTG facilitates the development of local networks of schools in which the question is central. In addition to these network developmentKWTG also performs a number of other activities.

- It organizes KWTG professionalization courses for teachers in primary schools and teams based on custom projects.
- Also research and knowledge in the field of science and technology in primary schools are among their core business.
- To ensure that science and technology, talent and excellence, a structural and integrated place in primary education, they are also working on curriculum development at the teacher training colleges (PABO)By so-called combined training (combined projects) Students can in practice get to workIt does a teacher training student with a student of a science course at a job.Thus, the pedagogical and didactic knowledge of the student-teacher trainingcombined with technical knowledge of the science student (eg, engineering or astronomy).

The centers of Science and Technology are:
-Knowledge Science & Technology Gelderland
Knowledge Science & Technology Eastern Netherlands
Knowledge Science & Engineering South Netherlands
Expertise Science & Technology North Holland
Knowledge Science & Technology West

More KWTG: http://www.kwtg.nl

The first Science Junction in the Netherlands is in The Radboud University (WKRU). The KWTG is a partner in this junction.

More Science Junction: http://www.ru.nl/wetenschapsknooppunt/


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